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  • Lot of 2 skeins of Lion Brand Silky Twist, the color is Ash Mist
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  • Clover Natural Wool Roving Ash Oatmeal Caramel Chocolate
  • 25 ct Lugana U CHOOSE COLOR
  • 5000m Isacord thread ANY COLOR colors 003 0702
  • Tatting Shuttle Hand made of of Ash Tree.
  • Silky Twist Yarn Ash Mist
  • Pure wool yarn worsted weight, white, ash brown,brown and hunter green, 4 skeins
  • Zweigart Murano 32 Count Cross Stitch Fabric
  • Luxe Fur Yarn Ash 023032005416
  • 40 Alcazar Viscose Rayon Embroidery Thread 5,500yds
  • New 10 Skeins XPRESSIONS Pure 100 Superfine Alpaca Knitting Yarn NATURAL ASH
  • 1000m Isacord thread ANY COLOR colors 003 0702
  • 6 Skeins Of Nashua Handknits Champlain 100 Wool Ash Charcoal Huge Lot
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  • Peter Ashe 1997 Father Christmas Handpainted Needlepoint Canvas Stocking
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  • Shibui ::Baby Alpaca DK 2003:: 100 Alpaca yarn Ash
  • Knit Picks Essential Color: ASH 1 skein
  • 20 off Nashua Handknits Champlain Yarn
  • Silky Twist Yarn Ash Mist 023032005515
  • Peter Ashe Vintage Needlepoint Hand painted Originals
  • Handpainted Needlepoint canvas Victorian Cottage by Peter Ashe
  • Peter Ashe Needlepoint Still LIfe
  • 32 ct Belfast Linen by Zweigart U Choose Color
  • Peter Ashe San Francisco Xmas Ornament Hand Painted Needlepoint Canvas
  • Lion Brand Silky Twist textured yarn, Ash Mist, lot of 2 130 yds each
  • 36 ct Edinburgh Linen by Zweigart U CHOOSE COLOR
  • 1x1.76oz 50g ALPACA MERINO SILK Willow Tweed DK Yarn Louisa Harding 4 Ash
  • Silky Twist Yarn Ash Mist
  • DMC Embroidery Floss Color 535 Very Light Ash Gray
  • Lopi 100 Pure Wool Icelandic 54 Ash Heather yarn weaving knitting felting craft
  • DMC Embroidery Cross Stitch Floss 451 564 CHOOSE COLOR
  • 3x50g Skeins of Lion Brand Luxe Fur Yarn Ash
  • Clover Natural Wool Roving 20 colors available 7920 7939
  • 20 off Nashua Handknits Champlain Yarn


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